We place great importance on our attention to detail and want our readers to find our publication both beautiful and informative. We also realise our commitment to empowering writers and are constantly thinking of new ways to lift artists with our platform.

Your art could be featured on our website articles, promoted on Instagram, or used on our Guides. We're also planning on rolling out the COSY Gallery later this year, and you could be some of the first artists to have their work featured on our website.

Simply sign up, and wait for us to contact you.

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What now?

We will contact you directly about a particular artwork of yours we would like to publish, via email or Instagram.

Will I receive credit?

Of course! We will always give you full credit for your artwork in the caption of the artwork.

We will also link people to your portfolio, Instagram, or anywhere else that features your art.

Just let us know where you would like us to direct readers.

We can send you a preview link before we decide to publish, just to make sure you're 100% happy.

Can I send animations?

We wholeheartedly encourage it! Please send them in as high-quality MP4s or GIFs, where possible.

Can I opt-out at any time?