Firstly, thanks for considering COSY FM.

As a podcast creator, I'm sure you can agree - podcasts are all the rage these days. Popularity has soared since the early 2000s, and mainstream distributors are jumping on board this exciting new medium that allows an exchange of new ideas.

But it can be hard to promote your show in an oversaturated climate, where podcasts with large followings often swallow up the limelight. The grassroots origins of podcasts seem to be left behind, of independent creators coming together with their unique perspectives and ideas in a brand new way.

This is fundamentally our aim for COSY FM - to install the same values of honesty, integrity, and accessibility we have explored in written articles to a new streaming platform dedicated to independent creators.

Sure - the big players in podcasts may host just about every show on the planet, but we want to focus on building a smaller community of indie podcasts with something unique to say. Audiences can discover more niche shows, and you have an opportunity to grow your audience. It's a win-win.

No exclusivity deals. Just extra promotion, and a place in our community.

To clarify - we do not intend on replacing the big players like Spotify, YouTube or Apple when it comes to podcast distribution. We are a not-for-profit business, which allows us to stay dedicated to our mission of distributing raw and honest material without the pressures of making a profit.

We also do not require exclusivity if you choose to send your podcast to us. We just want to help you get that extra promotion, and we'll even include links to your show on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music - you name it.

More importantly, we believe the thing we can offer most is a place in our small, COSY community. With a dedicated follower base, we hope we can build a different kind of podcast community reminiscent of its grassroots origins.

All you need to do for now is register your interest, and we will get back to you as soon as we're ready.

Some potential questions...